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3 Things You Never Imagined Carpet Cleaning Could Teach You About Life

A thoughtful person, you look for meaning in just about everything you do. Whether you’re organizing your family’s annual camping trip, planning extensive home renovations, or contemplating your next career move – you’re mindful of your actions. Finding life lessons … Continue reading

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Not Just Pretty: 7 Characteristics of a Savvy Entrepreneur

What you wear says a lot about you. Suppose you’re a style-conscious, 34-year-old mother of two with money to spend on your wardrobe (for some, a bigger stretch than others). You’re healthy, environmentally aware, and you pay attention to what … Continue reading

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Red Fish Blue Fish: About as Green as it Gets

You’re an eco-savvy, environmentally conscious consumer who cares about your carbon footprint. You reduce, reuse, and recycle. You like to know where your food comes from – you buy local, champion sustainable practices, and support your weekly farmers market. You … Continue reading

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A Photographer’s Life: 3 Reasons You Wish You Had This Guy’s Job

Sure, you’ve thought of running your own business, but you keep hearing how hard it is – long hours, financial responsibility, risk, uncertainty: did I mention long hours? On the surface, not so compelling. But what if, in practice, it … Continue reading

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