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Hernande’z Cocina: A taco stand, a love affair or a work of art?

You’re a creative person. You value autonomy and community. You make choices about your life based on feelings, values and impulses. You let your instincts lead the way more often than most. But, you also have the good sense (usually) … Continue reading

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The Secret to Finding Work that Works for You

Suppose you like working hard. Most of your life, you’ve had physical jobs that let you do that: landscaping, farming, construction. You’re not old, but you’re not as young as you used to be either. You just can’t keep up … Continue reading

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4 Ideas to Help You Design Amazing Spaces You’ll Never Want to Leave

You’re a sensitive sort. You understand how your surroundings can affect your mood – how the symmetry of a well-organized space can radiate calm, while the clutter of a disorganized one screams chaos. This is why you like simple spaces. … Continue reading

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How Walking a Mile Can Change Your Life

Nope, not just any mile, but a Mile in Her Shoes. Who’s she? She could be anyone: your next-door neighbour, the barista who sold you coffee this morning, your third-year English prof, the dental hygienist who reminded you to floss, … Continue reading

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5 Reasons a Great Counsellor is Just as Good as a Trip to Europe

You’re right, in some cases, a great counsellor is also as expensive as a trip to Europe. But, if you’ve ever had a great counsellor, you’ll agree – money well spent. Grace Gerry, of Graceful Solutions, is a great counsellor. … Continue reading

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