5 Reasons a Great Counsellor is Just as Good as a Trip to Europe

You’re right, in some cases, a great counsellor is also as expensive as a trip to Europe. But, if you’ve ever had a great counsellor, you’ll agree – money well spent.

Grace Gerry, of Graceful Solutions, is a great counsellor. As luck would have it, she’s also very reasonably priced.

Here are 5 reasons time spent with Grace is just as good as a European vacation:

1. The spirit of travel.

There’s an open-hearted curiosity that comes with travel. It’s attractive – infectious even. This is the attitude that Grace brings to her sessions.

She’s not interested in “fixing” people, or telling you what to do, but she is interested in exploring your life – helping you find creative solutions, new directions, and better tools for navigating. She’s an excellent companion.

2. A fresh perspective. 

You know when you go away, and after a short time, everything that seemed so important – schedules, meetings, appointments, projects – doesn’t anymore. A few days, a little distance, and the weight starts to lift. Counselling can be like that too.

Grace brings insights, and a fresh perspective, that help you see your life from a new vantage point – all the benefits of travel without the inconvenience of airport security, snoring seatmates, and lost luggage.

3. Travel time is sacred time.

One thing that’s so special about a European holiday is that it’s time you set aside just for you. Counselling is like that too – it’s just about you.

A lot of Grace’s clients are women. Women who artfully juggle their time between parenting, working, exercising, cooking, cleaning, shopping, dreaming, and the list goes on.  They cherish their time with Grace for the rare occasion it is – a chance to focus attention on themselves.

4. Finding the past in your present.

One of the great things about Europe is the hundreds of years of history stored in cathedrals, museums and galleries. You can stroll through and see how the present is rooted in the past.

Grace will tell you that’s what a good counsellor does – helps you connect the past to the present with a mind toward the future. How does our past inform our present and what actions can we take now toward a future we want? Each of us, an ongoing work of art.

5. It’s good for your health.  

Holidays are good for you. They’re about rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. So is counselling. People tell Grace their secrets – baggage they’ve carried for years. She’s honoured to listen.

Sometimes they have feelings – they cry, laugh, get angry and swear (to name a few). She’s honoured to listen to that too. In fact, she delights in their transformation. Often, people leave a session feeling lighter, liberated, relieved – even better than a holiday!

There aren’t enough words to adequately describe Grace, so I decided to shoot a little video. If you want to learn more about Grace’s services, you can visit her website, or call her for a consultation: 250 370 2254. You’ll be so happy you did.

About Lisa Weeks

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