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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Progam To Bring You This Shorter Less Interesting Message

Have you ever had one of those weeks when nothing goes quite as planned? No serious incidents, major disasters, or huge dramas, just a steady stream of minor disturbances and scheduling delays that combine to gently mess everything up. Your … Continue reading

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How to Build the Business You’ve Always Wanted

The short answer: relationships. Imagine you’re an architect. Not a good one, just average. You went to school, enjoyed your education, but it turns out, in practice, you’re just not that into architecture. Hard to be great at something you’re … Continue reading

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For the Love of Rocks: Crafting Your Living Out of Stone

You love making things. Crafting artifacts with your hands. Leather, metal, stone, wood – it doesn’t matter. Each material offers unique properties to be bent, polished, carved and shaped into something new. It’s the crafting of the raw to the … Continue reading

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The Three Ps of a Great Notary

You’re crazy about your kids. Since before they were born, you’ve imagined amazing futures for them: the teams they’ll join, the trips they’ll take, the passions they’ll follow. Nobody likes to think about it, but bad things happen – accidents, … Continue reading

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