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4 Incredibly Fun Things You Should Know About Passion and Performance

We all have some kind of relationship to dance. Maybe you were raised a ballerina – one class after another until your toes bled. Or maybe you took tap lessons when you were 7-years-old and decided you hated all kinds of … Continue reading

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South Island Studio: How Making Music Makes a Better World

Secretly, you’ve always wanted to play an instrument: the guitar, the piano, maybe the drums. You know you’re not the next B.B. King, Thelonius Monk or John Bonham. In fact, you don’t aspire to be. What you would like is to … Continue reading

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How to Think Like Your IT Guy

You fancy yourself computer savvy. Truth is, you don’t know much about computers. Sure, you have three: one for the office, one for home, a laptop, and yes, a smart phone too. You’re connected. You know your way around. You … Continue reading

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For the Love of Summer: 3 Reasons Textile Works is Exactly What You’re Looking For

Summer’s here and you’ve got big plans for easy living. You’ve put together a strict schedule. Hours dedicated to savouring the sweet smells of summer: barbecues, blackberries, and bed linens fresh from the line. You’ll also spend large chunks of … Continue reading

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