Fine-tuning Your Passion: Insights from the Piano Man

Follow your dreams. Make your passion your work. Find a way to get paid for doing what you love. Being passionate about your work is the gold standard of employment opportunities these days.

It’s a lot of pressure. Some folks spend years pondering, reflecting, educating, experimenting, in search of the right fit. Other folks just know.

Greg Davidson, of Topaz Pianos, just knew.

A lover of pianos (he has 12), and a master at tuning them, Greg’s played the piano since he was four years old: churches, dance halls, recitals, auditoriums, recording studios, restaurants – there’s nowhere he hasn’t played.

As a young man, Greg did a short stint selling Yamaha pianos before he quickly realized tuning pianos is much more interesting than selling them.

35 years later, Greg has a reputation for excellence. A master craftsman, he boasts clients as prestigious as the Victoria Symphony, The Royal and MacPherson Theatres, Government House, and as luck would have it, my roommate Anna.

Imagine my delight when Greg Davidson showed up in the living room to tune my roommate’s piano. “Do you mind if I get my Flip cam?” A good sport, Greg earnestly got to work, uninhibited by the camera or my prodding questions.

Want to see what it looks like to tune a piano? We sure did. Check out the video below.

Thanks again Greg, it was a pleasure to meet you.


About Lisa Weeks

Professional wordsmith; 5Rhythms dance fanatic; lover of words; and champion of community.
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1 Response to Fine-tuning Your Passion: Insights from the Piano Man

  1. Hi, thanks for your video.

    Greg used to tune my piano when I lived in Victoria a few years ago. I’ve since moved back and have lost his contact info. I’d love to have him tune my piano again. It was so amazing watching him work!
    Is there any way you can pass on his contact info to me?

    Thanks again for this video.


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