Petals Plus: Who Needs Words When Flowers Say so Much?

You love flowers. Not just because they’re unique and beautiful and smell good, but because they’re so expressive.

The joy of a sunflower, the delicate specificity of an orchid, the bold optimism of a daffodil in early spring, or the simple gesture of a single rose. Who needs words when flowers say so much?

Jane Travis, of Petals Plus Florist, couldn’t agree more. A lover of flowers, Jane’s dreamt of owning her own shop since she was ten-years-old. About a year ago, circumstance aligned with courage and Jane got her wish – Petals Plus, your full-service floral shop.

To the casual observer, Jane’s in the business of flowers. But, if you spend a bit of time listening to Jane talk about her customers, her work and her penchant for matching just about any occasion with the perfect flowers, you soon realize: Jane’s in the business of feelings.

Weddings, funerals, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day (don’t get me started) – the occasions people purchase flowers for are almost always emotionally charged, intimate, or otherwise deeply felt.

Whether you’re congratulating, thanking, apologizing or celebrating – flowers send a clear message.

Be it a bouquet, a corsage, a basket, a centre-piece or a display, Jane makes it her business to know the message you’re sending and to find the flowers that say it just right.

For flower arrangements as perfectly unique as you are, check out Petals Plus Florists at 201 – 3749 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC.

Yes, the photos posted here are just a few examples of Jane’s work. Thanks Jane!


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