Do You Know What Your Legacy Is?

So much of who you are is connected to what you do: your passions, your practices, your regular routines. Life as you live it.

That’s how people remember you. Through moments you spend doing ordinary things. Effortless memories twined over decades.

The forested trail you walk the dog along every Saturday afternoon. The vegetable garden you tend year after year. The faded recliner you relax into – everyday for decades – and read the evening paper.

Your famous split pea soup with baking powder biscuits. Your penchant for all things sweet: pies, cakes, anything desert.

Your annual family trips to sun-soaked destinations: Mexico, Maui, Malaysia. The list goes on and is different for everyone.

Whatever your legacy, these are the kinds of moments Rob Jirucha, of Legacy: Documentary Photography, is in the business of capturing: the things people remember you by.

You’ve all heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. I can’t compete. Best if you see for yourself. Check out the photos below for a glimpse at Rob’s work.

There’s plenty more where those came from.

Visit Legacy: Documentary Photography to learn more about the project, the photos, and Rob’s passion for people. You’ll be glad you did.

Let me know what you think.


About Lisa Weeks

Professional wordsmith; 5Rhythms dance fanatic; lover of words; and champion of community.
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4 Responses to Do You Know What Your Legacy Is?

  1. josh says:

    Well put Lisa. Rob knows how to capture the decisive moments we sometimes can’t express with words.

  2. Lisa Weeks says:

    Hey Josh,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. You’re right. It was a pleasure to spend time with Rob and learn more about his work. He’s a good guy.



  3. Alan Boden says:

    Wow…..great writing…you get to the heart of these businesses/relationships with an ease and clarity that is quite compelling, and at the same time, inviting! Thanks for this blog that I stumbled upon.
    As a therapist, I am in the business of relationships — with self and others; and the power of connection does so much for each of us. Thanks for demonstrating this in your writing.
    Alan Boden M.A. RCC
    Registered Clinical Counsellor

    • Lisa Weeks says:

      Hi Alan,

      I’m delighted you stumbled upon the Minding Your Own Business blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and generous comment. Much appreciated.

      All the best in your work!


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