Birthday reflections, changes on the horizon, and a big thanks for reading!

Cue soundtrack: “You say it’s your birthday… it’s my birthday too, yeah” (In case it’s not obvious, we’re imagining the Beattles birthday song here).

Yep, that’s right. The Minding Your Own Business blog turns one this month.

It seems like only yesterday we were polishing up our first post like fine silver before a fancy dinner party. Poised, nervously, on the precipice of the unknown, we gazed, with nail-biting apprehension into the vast, unfamiliar territory of the blogosphere (does anyone even use that word anymore?).

Now, here it is, a full year later, and we’re delighted, baffled, even a bit overwhelmed, by all the amazing people we’ve met.

To those of you who’ve been around since the beginning (my sister), thanks for your support and enthusiasm. For those of you just stopping by now, come on in, make yourself at home.

Astute readers might wonder if we’re rambling on about our birthday in hopes of generating well-wishes, celebrations and gifts. Not the case. We welcome the opportunity to reflect on our performance over the past year, and look forward to letting you know about a few changes (okay, let’s be honest, we’d accept cash in lieu of gifts if you offered it).

A quick recap. We started out last year with an ambitious commitment to publish one post per week about a cool and interesting business in and around Victoria. You may have noticed, as the months rolled on, and life got busier (the way life does), our consistency waned. We apologize if we let anyone down.

It turns out we’re more flexible than we thought (dare we say, fancy-free?).

Some changes are afoot for 2012.  Nothing too dramatic. You can still expect the same dry wit, thoughtful candour, honest perspective and earnest curiosity (if we do say so ourselves).

You’ll notice additional posts.  Nothing startling. A few light-hearted observations about the world, general musings, unsolicited rants – topics that have little or nothing to do with cool and interesting businesses in and around Victoria.

We no longer promise a weekly post.  It could happen, but there’s no promise.

Don’t worry.  We’ll still post about cool and interesting businesses, but expect a modicum of the unexpected mixed in for good measure.

Thanks again for your attention and interest.

We’re excited about 2012.

We see big things on the horizon (oh, maybe that’s just the Olympic mountains?).


About Lisa Weeks

Professional wordsmith; 5Rhythms dance fanatic; lover of words; and champion of community.
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4 Responses to Birthday reflections, changes on the horizon, and a big thanks for reading!

  1. Looking forward to the “newness” you are adding.

  2. Lonny says:

    Thanks for writing Lisa. I enjoy reading the posts and look forward to more this coming year.
    Best in 2012!!

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