3 Myths About Organic Landscaping You Should Ignore

Spring has sprung and your landscape is alive with possibility — burgeoning buds, blooming daffodils, blossoming cherry trees, sprouting shoots, chirping birds — all clear signs we’ve survived yet another winter. Phew!

Let’s enjoy the inspiration while it lasts. Before long, you’ll be huffing and puffing about all the work that comes with a landscape full of life – lawns to mow, seeds to sow, plants to water, trees to prune, flower beds to mulch … .

Colin Eaton, of South Island Landscaping, knows a lot about taking care of living

Certified with the Society of Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL), Colin’s landscaping business has a reputation for quality, affordable organic landscape services. That’s right, no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers here.

We sat down with Colin for a chat last week and came across 3 myths about organic landscaping we think you should ignore.

Myth #1 – Organic landscaping takes more time.  Not true. In fact, Colin and his staff work with your landscape to minimize maintenance. Landscape design, soil, mulch, garden beds, plant choices: these are all factors that affect and influence how much weeding, mowing, trimming and hedging your yard needs. Making smart choices, in-tune with the landscape, equals less maintenance. Or, more accurately, maintenance less often for the same great look.

Myth #2 – Organic landscaping is complicated. It’s not. It’s actually quite simple. Your landscape is alive! It’s a natural ecosystem full of living micro-organisms. Colin and his staff understand how to use natural products to balance and nurture your soil, and in turn, your plants, shrubs, trees and lawn. It’s not complicated. It’s about supporting what’s already happening.

Myth #3 – Organic landscaping costs more money. Again, not true. In fact, an organic approach saves you money. By creating an ecosystem that requires less maintenance, and uses organic amendments and fertilizers to enhance your landscapes living ecosystem, you stand to save all kinds of money on regular maintenance service.

To learn more about South Island Landscaping’s services:

  • One-time yard makeover magic
  • Long-term yard maintenance
  • Complete landscape design and construction
  • Projects big or small, commercial or residential

Visit their website or give Colin a call: (250) 590-5808. You’ll be glad you did.

Photo credit goes to Geoff Smith of Creative Thinking Photography.


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