Behold! Cook Street Village’s Best Kept Secret

Wine lovers rejoice! The craft of winemaking is alive and well in a bustling little shop in the heart of Victoria’s Cook Street Village. Dynamic and irresistibly likeable business owners Fran Kinloch and Jon Goody are the spirited duo responsible for Cook Street Village Wineworks.

Just as committed to making a quality product as they are to providing a quality experience, Fran and Jon’s shop radiates an unpretentious, welcoming atmosphere—suitable for seasoned sommeliers, but equally comfortable for those cost-conscious consumers endowed with less discerning palettes.

Cook Street Village Wineworks owners Jon Goody and Frances Kinloch

Along with a friendly vibe, you’ll find hand-picked selections of impressive wines to match sophisticated tastes, ranging moods and modest budgets.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur fluent in the language of tannins and textures, notes and aromas; a budding wine enthusiast practiced in the art of swishing and swirling, pairing and tasting; or a novice imbiber less familiar with the subtle flavours and finishes layered in the folds of the fermented grape—Cook Street Village Wineworks can help you find what you need (yes, some of us need wine), and I promise you’ll have fun too.

  • impress your friends with a well-stocked cellar
  • support your voracious thirst for wine at a fraction of the liquor store price
  • give the gift of the gods (nothing says I care quite like 30 bottles of wine!)

For a hint of what you can expect from the folks at Village Wineworks, check out the video above (some experiences just can’t be explained in words).

To learn more about Cook Street Village Wineworks visit their website, or stop by the shop at 347 Cook Street and say hello.


photo credit: Geoff Smith       video credit: Matteus Clement


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